Sustainable Forest Management

Written by InHaus Media
Thursday, 18 June 2009 20:24

Sustainable forest management is the art and science of protecting and preserving natural wooded ecosystems even as we enjoy their social and economic benefits.

As one of our most versatile natural resources, forests do far more than provide a home for wildlife, plant life and micro-organisms. Communities value forested lands as a setting for various types of recreation, a renewable source of energy and raw materials for building and commerce, and a means of livelihood for thousands of people. Even more importantly, forests provide critical environmental services such as carbon sequestration and watershed control.

Each of these uses must be carefully considered when determining how to best manage a specific holding to achieve sustainability of our forest assets. Profoundly dedicated to forest stewardship, Wagner’s employees use all of the science and tools at their disposal to protect the long-term viability of our forests for the benefit of all as they make management decisions, including timber harvest planning.

To learn more about the basics of sustainable forestry, continue reading these sections:

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