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Good Neighbors

Wagner enjoys interacting with its neighbors, opening most of its lands for recreational use, providing designated trails for snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts, and creating economic opportunities for local individuals.


Research Sponsorships

Tuesday, 07 July 2009 15:38

Research_WaterResearchers and environmentalists from many different organizations have found the ideal setting for their projects within the forests managed by Wagner. Over the years, Wagner has donated its land, expertise and/or financial support to dozens of research and demonstration projects that focus on forests, wildlife and the preservation of natural resources. Some of our favorites include the following:

University of Maine Cooperative Forest Research Unit (CFRU)

Wildlife Ecology and Biodiversity
Water Quality

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
South Bog Stream Restoration (Rangeley Plantation, ME)
Bemis Stream Brook Trout Habitat Restoration (Township D, ME)
Rusty blackbird study

Project SHARE

Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences

Enchanted Stream Habitat Restoration Project (Upper Enchanted Township, ME)

New Hampshire Fish & Game Department
Moose Research Project
Marten Research Project

Early Successional Habitat Management

The Young Forest Project
Growing Wildlife Habitat Together

Northern Forest Woodcock Initiative
Creation of woodcock habitat and long-term habitat management plan

University of Maine

Headwater streams trout habitat
Studies of fishless ponds

Individual Naturalist
Long-term songbird population dynamics (Upper Enchanted Township, ME)

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