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Good Neighbors

Wagner enjoys interacting with its neighbors, opening most of its lands for recreational use, providing designated trails for snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts, and creating economic opportunities for local individuals.


Criteria & Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management

Written by InHaus Media
Thursday, 25 June 2009 18:19

The global community has come to a common understanding of what constitutes sustainable forest management for temperate and boreal ecosystems, such as those Wagner manages. Sustainable forestry requires the vigilant conservation or maintenance of:

  • Biological diversity
  • Forest ecosystem health, vitality, and productivity
  • Soil and water resources
  • Socio-economic benefits

Several organizations have developed comprehensive standards to define the practice of sustainable forest management.  Under these standards, each of the criteria listed above is fleshed out and supported by several detailed, measurable “indicators” that require physical evidence of compliance. Independent, professional auditors then perform rigorous audits of forest managers to certify their conformance with the criteria and indicators under the standard.

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