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Forest Facts

Deciduous trees are trees that lose their leaves during the cold or dry season, depending on the climate, and remain bare until they grow new leaves each spring. Deciduous trees are often collectively referred to as hardwoods.

Focus on Community

Written by InHaus Media
Thursday, 18 June 2009 20:25
Backpackers-Walking2Wagner enjoys actively participating in the communities in which we operate by providing financial, recreational, conservation and educational resources. With local people managing local land across Wagner’s holdings, our commitment to community is both personal and professional.

Wagner’s forest management activities support our local and regional economy with employment for foresters as well as opportunities for contractors who specialize in logging, trucking and building roads. Our contractors supply raw materials to biomass energy facilities, pulp mills and saw mills whenever appropriate. Wagner also supports cottage industries such as maple sugaring and wreath making by offering leases or licenses for maple sugar berths and fir tipping.

Most Wagner-managed lands are open to the public for low-impact recreational use such as hiking, cross-country skiing, photography, hunting and fishing. Designated trail systems serve snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts, providing great opportunities while protecting natural values. These recreational activities benefit local families and groups, and they also support recreation-based tourism throughout our region.

Researchers interested in ecological issues find a wide variety of wildlife, ecosystems and habitats within Wagner forests, and a supportive and interested staff.

Wagner’s direct participation in conservation initiatives has helped protect over 1 million acres of forest to date. We also sponsor local environment-oriented educational activities and contribute as members of national and international environmental organizations.
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