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Wagner Forest Management

For over 50 years, Wagner has responsibly tended timberland investments for clients who expect solid economic performance and strong commitments to natural resource stewardship and the support of local communities. Wagner has built its record of success on its experience and expertise in forest management. Wagner foresters carefully evaluate and manage each unique tract of forest in accordance with globally-recognized sustainability standards. By mindfully balancing ecological concerns with economic performance, Wagner has proven that timberland investments can provide very strong returns, while conserving valuable natural resources and supporting local communities.


Good Stewardship

Learn how Wagner helps ensure that generations to come will enjoy all of the benefits of healthy forests. A certified commitment to sustainable forest management principles holds the key.


Good Neighbors

Forests help define the communities of our region. Most of our lands are open to the public for recreation, offering an incredible range of opportunities for local residents and visitors alike. Designated snowmobile and ATV trails abound, with local options and connectors to larger networks.